Top 5 Project Management Courses For Making Money Online

Project Management

Do You Want Project Management Courses For Making Money Online?

If you say yes then you are in the right place! I hope so this post will be too much helpful for you. You just need to know it properly. It will change your career in a short time.

We Know That All Project Management Courses Is Not Perfect For Us. And If You Do Not Find A Perfect Course, Then You Will Never Get Good Results From Your Target. That’s Why I’ve Found out the Best Project Management Courses.

Here I’m Sharing Best 5 Project Management Courses. You Can Select Any Course For Succeed.


1. Project Management: Master Project Management – PMP/PMI

Master Project Management using this practical certification course

What you’ll learn
  1. Avoid the top ten mistakes people make in projects
  2. Be able to manage a successful project even with zero experience in that industry
  3. Learn how to make a Gantt Chart and a PERT diagram with ease
  4. Use the PMP or PMI method to do Project Management
  5. Measuring whether you’re on budget and on time – and how to fix it if you’re not
  6. Feel calm and effective in running a project of any size in any industry
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  • Nothing – just a willingness to learn!
  • Having a project in mind would be helpful


2. Project Management: The Executing Phase

Project Management Course covering the executing phase of any size project using a proven methodology and processes

What you’ll learn
  1. Be able to manage, monitor and control the execution phase of s project making sure all deliverables are accepted by using solid, repeatable methods and processes
  2. Astonish the management and your stakeholders by demonstrating your new found project management skills and knowledge

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  • Previous experience working in a project environment would be advantageous, but not necessary as I will take you through all the processes used during the execution phase of a project


3. Learn Basecamp 3 – Project Management Software

Need to learn Basecamp project management software quickly? This course is for new employees, freelancers & businesses.

What you’ll learn
  1. Sign up to Basecamp
  2. Be able to navigate Basecamp

  3. Know how to complete tasks & to-dos in Basecamp

  4. Understanding messaging in Basecamp
  5. Be able to communicate with clients using Basecamp
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  • If you can use Facebook, email and other web apps, you shouldn’t have any problems getting started.


4. Project Management Essentials

A crash course in the essentials of project management for new project managers.

What you’ll learn
  1. What project management fundamentally does, and the domains it applies to.
  2. The five stages of the formal project management process, their essential features, and how they fit together.

  3. The most important concept in project management – the triple constraint, its key messages, and how they inter-relate.

  4. The role of the Project Manager, key responsibilities, and why accountability is a good thing.
  5. The purpose of project initiation, and the key elements of the project charter.
  6. The importance of the first definition of the project scope – the one sentence objective.
  7. A one-page flowchart of the whole planning process, setting up your project for success.
  8. The official baseline for the project scope – the work breakdown structure.
  9. The precedence diagram – your most important tool for planning, communicating, and managing your project.
  10. The official baseline for the project schedule – the Gantt chart.
  11. The essential elements of the project cost breakdown.
  12. The importance of planning for the unexpected – risk management planning.
  13. Documenting the planning in a concise project management plan for sponsor review.
  14. The purpose and key elements of the monitoring and control phase.
  15. Managing the number two cause of project problems – scope changes.
  16. The essential elements of managing the project schedule.
  17. The essential elements of managing project cost.
  18. The essential elements of managing project risk.
  19. The best way to conduct the monthly project review.
  20. The purpose and key elements of project closing.
  21. Wrapping up the project with a targeted final report.
  22. A summary checklist of all the key learnings of the course.
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  • No prerequisites – this course is intended for new project managers looking for an overview.


5. Project Management Fundamentals: Complete Crash Course

Project Management Training:Become A Successful Project Manager-Introduction to Project Management Skills Certification

What you’ll learn
  1. You will learn how to Manage Projects
  2. You will learn how to Plan Projects

  3. You will quickly learn all the important basics of Project Management

  4. You will Learn Key Project Management Skills and become a Professional Project Manager
  5. You will be able to manage the scope, schedule, time, quality, and communications on a project
  6. You will learn about the different types of stakeholders on a project and how you can manage them
  7. You will learn how to handle Risks and Protect your Project
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  • None. This is a fundamentals course and it teaches everything from scratch.
  • Your passion and enthusiasm to learn is the only requirement.


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