[95% Off Wow Offer] The 10 Challenges: Master Your Time, Habits, Goals &Life!

10 Challenges
A practical & well designed plan of time management, productivity, and personal success challenges to upgrade your life

What you’ll learn
  1. 10 Challenges that will really generate a new better life for you
  2. Have more productivity and personal success

  3. Mange time more efficiently

  4. Setting and achieving life goals
  5. Master your habits & How they can affect your life (positively or negatively)
  6. Break procrastination & Have more self-control and commitment to achieve goals
  7. Self-evaluation (SWOT analysis)
  8. Manage your relationships with people better
  9. Some concepts about healthcare
  10. General life tips like (dealing with pain – past – …..)
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Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wants really to improve his personality and life and to succeed away from any complicated theories.
  • Anyone that is caring about personal development and wants to see new and simple ways helps achieving that.
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