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MikroTik CAPsMAN
Centralize your wireless network management using MikroTik CAPsMAN and understand how to configure it

What you’ll learn
  1. How to enable CAPsMAN on a MikroTik router
  2. How to enable CAPs on MikroTik routers

  3. How to connect the CAPs to the CAPsMAN via layer 2 and layer 3 connectivity

  4. Usage of certificate between the CAPsMAN and the CAPs
  5. How to configure different wireless channels from the CAPsMAN
  6. How to configure security profiles to different wireless SSID’s
  7. What is the use of Datapath and how to configure
  8. How to create Configuration containers
  9. How to apply the configuration containers in the provisioning of the CAPs
  10. How to create different VLAN’s on the wireless for normal users and Guest users
  11. What is Access-list and how to use it
  12. How to upgrade the RouterOS of the CAPs from the CAPsMAN
  13. How to have a 2nd CAPsMAN to act as a failover one
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Who this course is for:
  • Wireless network engineers interested to understand how to configure CAPsMAN
  • Network engineers who would like to gain knowledge to building a centralized wireless network using CAPsMAN
  • Students who wish to expand their knowledge in MikroTik
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