[95% Off Wonderful Offer] Basics of Meditation with Deepak Chopra

An Introduction to Meditation for Beginners

What you’ll learn
  1. Explore the purpose of meditation and discover simple ways to meditate
  2. Gain insight into how meditation benefits your health and well-being

  3. Develop an easy, consistent meditation practice

  4. Experience expanded awareness of your true, unbounded self
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Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to meditate in an easy and effortless way
  • Anyone who wants to discover the physical and emotional health benefits of meditation
  • Anyone who wants to reduce stress, feel calm and centered, and connect to their true self
  • Anyone who enjoys guided meditations from renowned teachers
  • While this course provides valuable insights and information to meditators with a range of experience, it is intended for beginning meditators rather than advanced practitioners.
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