[95% Off Special Offer] How to speak English clearly and confidently with expression

How to speak English
Voice training, learn to speak well and improve your spoken English whether for everyday speech or public speaking

What you’ll learn
  1. You will be able to speak with more clarity and confidence, you will be able to articulate correctly and confidently
  2. You will be able to speak with expression so your voice won’t sound monotonous and boring

  3. You will understand how to speak at the correct pace and know why you should speak at this pace – not too fast and not too slow

  4. By the end of the course you will sound assertive and less hesistant
  5. After this course you’ll be able to benefit in all walks of life by being able to speak to and communicate with people anywhere and everywhere
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Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has ever been told that they should stop mumbling and asked to repeat themselves
  • This course is for people who need to or want to improve their speaking skills. This could be because they have been told they mumble or maybe they just feel anxious when they have to speak to groups of people or just one or two individuals. This course does not teach English grammar or English as an additional language. It is for people already familiar with English, either as their first language or as an additional language.
  • This course is Ideal for people who want to record video lectures
  • Soft skills are becoming more important and this course will help anyone who wants to improve their communication skills
  • This course is suitable for children (perhaps with the help of a parent or teacher) but is aimed at adults of any age
  • People who want to speak well
  • People who want a course in voice training that isn’t too long but that covers all the essentials with pleanty of opportunities to practise along the way
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