[95% Off Important Offer] Calculus/Analytic Geometry II

A Video Lecture Series

What you’ll learn
  1. This course provides a complete lecture series for second semester Calculus. For reference, it includes most topics covered in Chapters 7-11of Stewart Calculus: Early Transcendentals, but does not directly utilize or require this text, and can be easily adapted to any standard Calculus II curriculum. If you just stumbled upon this course, be aware this is not a series of sleek power point slides…I made these videos at the urging of former Calc 1 students and they are designed to give (as close as possible) the feel of my actual classroom lectures, complete with (virtual) whiteboard lectures, discussions of theory, and many sample problems.
  2. Topics include integration techniques, applications of integration, differential equations, parametric curves, polar coordinates, convergence/divergence of series, and power series.

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Who this course is for:
  • These lectures can be utilized by students seeking an entire course in Calculus II or wishing to supplement a class they are currently enrolled in.
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