[95% Off Awesome Offer] Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate: Build a Complete Website

Learn to develop a fully-functional website that sells books online using Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate framework

What you’ll learn
  1. Build a Bookstore website using Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate framework
  2. Use UML to design and architect a website project

  3. Develop the admin (back-end) of a website

  4. Develop modules for managing users, books, customers, orders…
  5. Develop Customer Reviews for Books feature
  6. Develop Shopping Cart and Check out features
  7. Develop Checkout feature
  8. Develop Login/Logout features for Admin and Customers
  9. Develop customer registration and update profile features
  10. Package and Deploy the website
  11. Using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery
  12. Design Database with MySQL
  13. Create domain model classes with Hibernate/JPA
  14. Write unit tests using JUnit
  15. Write named queries with JPA
  16. Refactor Code and Debug the website
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Who this course is for:
  • Beginners in Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate framework
  • Those who desires applying theory into practice with Java
  • Those who want to learn hands-on Java programming skill to build real-world websites
  • Those who want to go from beginner to intermediate level in Java programming
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